Captain Lambros.
Historical novel

A thrilling book that describes people and events of a bygone era and gives colour to human relationships (love, love, death).

The action of the book unfolds in Ioannina at the time when the Pasha was, Ali the Tepelenlis. Lambros, the central hero, with broad revolutionary ideas, in moments of spiritual rebirth, seduces the thieves with his fiery speech and resists with them on the mountain. Mountain wolf, deceiver and atheist, crammed into three characters in one body, he seduces the teenage Maria with false vows and has children with her, whom he abandons to a monastery.

Poor Maria manages to leave a sign for her only daughter, five-year-old Mado, in the hope of finding her again. She lives her drama for many years, starry-eyed with the indifferent Lambro, walking on the thread that connects hatred with love, reason with paranoia and the outcry of her surroundings.

Then the fiction weaves a fairy tale that doesn’t know which characters are more real. The protagonists are dominated by two forces that every human being possesses: survival and love. Strange coincidences happen with characters who disappear and reappear, seemingly at random, in the most unlikely places, as if fate has woven a web that no one can escape.

Through the fiery dialogues, a secret is revealed, spreading radially. Maria’s mind “escapes” and she prepares for a wedding that will never happen. Lambros, who is pursued by the Furies, seeks redemption and repentance. “Ghosts are worse than people,” he whispers before making his decision.

Details about the book
ISBN code
Pavlina Pavlidou
Year of Issue
Soft cover
14 x 21
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