Educational Evaluation.
Modern theoretical approaches and practical applications

The present text presents the views of prominent Greek academics and young researchers who deal with the subject of educational evaluation.

The central axis of the articles included in this collective work is the role of evaluation as a means of upgrading the quality of education in Greece and Cyprus. The edited volume is structured in sections which include studies that examine various aspects of educational evaluation , such as the evaluation of learners, teachers, educational staff, curricula, textbooks.

At the same time, however, other important issues are also examined, such as the social dimensions of evaluation, the historical reference to the efforts of its implementation in our country, administrativeism in the service of educational populism, the implementation of evaluation in model and experimental schools, the “time delay” in the receipt of a degree by a portion of students, the differences between research and evaluation in education, evaluative research in the field of textbooks and curricula and the evaluation of artistic education.

All the articles, which deal with these issues, are of great interest both for all teachers of all levels and specialties and for citizens who wish to be informed about critical socio-educational issues.

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Anastasia Papadopoulou
Athena Chalkiadaki
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