Gymnastics in preschool and school age

This book is addressed to teachers/coaches who teach/coach gymnastics to children of preschool and school age.

Gymnastics is a very popular sport among young children because it is exciting, spectacular, challenging with its difficulties and the unlimited development possibilities it offers and it meets their innate needs for movement better than any other sport. Effective teaching/coaching of EG has very positive effects on children’s development. Therefore, the teaching of CI is included in Physical Education curricula and can contribute to the achievement of its objectives. For the teachers/coaches it is a challenge to strengthen and maintain the enthusiasm and internal motivation of the children in order to achieve a long-term and systematic involvement with EG.

With the aim of the multifaceted development of students/athletes of these ages through the EG, the book presents modern student-centred teaching approaches and practices, which have the child as their starting point and focus. Specifically, teaching approaches, teaching methods (styles), evaluation methods, principles of effective feedback, basic elements of training and methods of teaching skills in order to develop general and specific fitness and technique in CI are presented in detail. The lesson/coaching becomes an exciting and fun experience of developing motor, cognitive, emotional, cognitive and moral/social skills, with the application of developmentally appropriate pedagogical games including exploration, discovery and creativity activities. The book includes appropriate motor content based on the developmental phases of children. It presents illustrated and verbal, quality performance criteria-instructions, possible errors, clear instructions for physical assistance where necessary and a methodological approach to teaching each skill. In addition, key historical data on the development of CI and rules and guidelines of the International Gymnastics Federation for the effective implementation and evaluation of CI are included.

Details about the book
ISBN code
Code of Eudoxos
Dimitris Mylosis
Year of Issue
August 2022
Soft cover
17 x 24
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