Micron the Prince

Authentic performance in Pontian with the author's watercolours. With the support of the VLACH (Vanishing Languages & Cultural Heritage) Committee of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

I’m going to die. Then I can’t wait to say a few words. Wherever the fate of the wilderness found me, and the fate of the desert found me, and the fate of the Saharan desert found me. Let’s see if they go six years… …and I’ll be off to the airplane’s engine. And I shall be asleep, and not be a full-grown virgin of God! I want ‘Ki I want to make the decision to write and correct the zemia. For I will live and I will die, far from the desolate place of the desert, another minkkin’ him! The good thing, I had a new one with the men. There’s a lot of them. He did so for eight days in return. The first night I fell from the sea, and the man that perished in the midst of the sea was lost in the midst of the sea to a man of the air. I have been in the house all the time. “Paint him an agnir’ la-lo-pon. – I beg you, paint him an agnir’ la-lo-pon. – Did you say that? – Paint for me a poor man. I have declared and you are as though you were a star-spangled knight. “I rubbed my nakedness, I looked well and saw a somewhat pure little man. He’s the one who kept me from believing! I rose from my bush and found the Thurman! “Long may we live in the world, and long may we live in men… But, man, let him not know where he is, and let him be lost. Nay, let him be dead, let him be dead in hunger, let him be dead in famine, let him be dead in death, and let him be dead in murder. And he was like a man, and he wore it long in the world and in men. “Let him be alletical!

Details about the book
ISBN code
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Year of Issue
Hard cover
14 x 21
Annie-Anatoli Karipidou
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