Myth & Reality.

The book traces the Greek history of hydrocarbon exploration and production. It dispels the easy myths about the existence of oil in our country through a, and this is a titanic achievement, popularized - but not simplistic - description of the scientific and technical process of oil and gas exploration and extraction.

It does not deal with oil in a one-dimensional and unidimensional way, but in relation to its future prospects, its high extraction costs and its impact on international energy prices. It also offers important working hypotheses on the role of oil in international politics, with an in-depth discussion of the situation in the wider Greek energy area. It discusses the legal status of the continental shelf in the Aegean Sea and the EEZ in the eastern Mediterranean and the geopolitical situation and prospects for identifying deposits in the Aegean Sea, western Greece and the Libyan Sea. Finally, it recognises the finite nature of natural resources and the inevitable next step towards the new phase of the energy industry, offering an informative view of renewable energy sources.

For the above reasons, the book is an important contribution to the Greek bibliography, filling an important gap. It is worth reading because it offers a range of answers to a number of scientific, technical, economic and political questions. Essential for anyone interested in energy security, production and technology.

Philip President
Lecturer in International Relations at the American College of Thessaloniki and Visiting Professor at the International University of Greece.

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Panayiotis President
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17 x 24
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