Learning to live with forest fires

This book should be read by everyone who truly loves forests and wants to save them. It is a scientific text written in simple words.

It is a scientific text written in simple words. It analyses from every angle the problem of forest fires and explains why we have been and will always be obliged to live with their presence.

Teachers will discover new knowledge and find the words to explain to their students the essence of the phenomenon and all its ecological parameters.

Organised volunteers will first learn what a forest fire really means, until it is possible to get involved in an extinguishing without risk, but above all how to become efficient in their efforts.

Casual volunteers (soldiers, campers, excavator operators, scouts, etc.) will learn about the minimum safety conditions that must be provided for them, the equipment and clothing they must have, so that their involvement does not end in tragedy.

Prospective buyers of land near or in the forest will be informed about the elements that an area must have in order to be considered more secure.

Engineers and architects will be trained to design fire-safe buildings or to convert existing ones into safer ones.

Garden designers will learn the basic principles of creating fireproof gardens.

Forest dwellers will learn to live with fires without endangering themselves and their property.

Firefighters will learn about nature and the laws that create the phenomenon they are called upon to deal with.

Foresters will be able to improve both prevention and post-fire management of burnt forest areas. But above all it must be read by the politicians who have the fate of the country in their hands…

Details about the book
ISBN code
Code of Eudoxos
Pavlos Konstantinidis
Soft cover
14 x 21
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